National Engineering Month School Event March 10, 2017

The Lakehead Chapters of the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologist (OACETT) will once again team up, to bring elementary students from across Thunder Bay to compete in an annual competition of ingenuity.  In support of National Engineering Month (NEM), this event served to promote engineering to the students and challenged them to come up with new and different ideas to solve a problem. 

In this year’s competition, the students are tasked with constructing a fan out of regular office stationary that can blow a ping pong ball down a track.  The fan must be completely self supporting and cannot be powered by any sort of electrical device (like a motor).  The team that constructed a fan that could blow the ping pong ball the farthest down the track won.  The challenge of this event was to, not only build a sturdy structure out of stationary that can withstand the dynamic motion of an operating fan, but to devise a way to power the fan without the use of a motor.  The students also needed a basic understanding of how fan blades worked so that they could maximize the amount of air they pushed to get the ball moving.  This year’s champions were a team from Edgewater Park School and the winners walked away with some awesome prizes!

By challenging the students to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions, it is the hope of PEO and OACETT that this year’s NEM message of “There’s a place for you!” will be demonstrated to the students and opened their eyes to the possibilities of engineering as a future career.

The event will be hosted in the Nordmin Engineering Gymnasium on March 1oth 2017

Please contact NRO ( if you wish for more information.

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