Looking ahead:


On Feb 8th the ESS is hosting a networking event

at LU from 7pm-10pm.




Prince Arthur Waterfront & Suites,

(Dawson Room – subject to change),

Thunder Bay, Ontario


March is National Engineering Month:

School Competion March 10, 2017


Northwestern Ontario Science Fair  April 7th 2017


  The Lakehead Chapter is looking for volunteers for PEO’s Engineer In Residence program where engineers work with teachers and students to help them see the practical applications of what they are taught and to encourage students to pursue education and careers in science, technology and math. For further information, please email or see PEO’s web site at




Any PEO P.Eng. member currently residing in Ontario may be nominated for election to council as president-electvice president or councillor-at-large, by at least 15 other members. The nomination must include at least one member resident in each region. [Regulation 941/90, s. 14(1)]

  • The (1) position of president-elect is for a one-year term, after which the incumbent will serve a one-year term as president and a one-year term as past president.
  • The (1) position of vice president is for a one-year term.
  • The (1) position of councillor-at-large is for a two-year term.

Any PEO P.Eng. member currently residing in a region may be nominated for election to council as a regional councillor for that region by at least 15 other members who reside in the region. [Regulation 941/90, s. 14(2) and s. 15.1(2)]

  • The (5) position of regional councillor is for a two-year term.

For further information on becoming a candidate, candidate/election FAQs and to see the current list of 2016 candidates, please see the 2016 Council web page.

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