Energy Absorption Features on the Redesigned Bombardier BiLevel™ Commuter Railcar


Ballroom 1

Philippe Hamel, P. Eng., MBA, Engineering Manager, Bombardier

Bombardier Transportation has redesigned its BiLevel™ commuter railcar to include Crash Energy Management (CEM) features. This complete redesign includes energy absorbing systems embedded in a specially designed structure. They allow a train to decelerate from 40 km/h to 0 without permanent deformation outside of the crumpling zones. There are numerous challenges to this design, including structural, ergonomic, dynamic, volumetric and regulatory issues. This presentation will review railcar collision safety principles and its evolution, will illustrate how crash energy management is integrated in various areas of the railcar and will focus on the energy absorption features. It will also review how these features operate, will describe how the design team solved the integration challenges and will conclude with a review of the life-size tests that verified functionality.